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So Many Plants: My Biggest Week!

Two weeks into the year and I have already purchased 7 plants from my 2020 wishlist and replaced another. Plus I have given plants to a charity sale to raise money for the victims of the fire emergency going on as I type this. Overall though, it’s been my biggest plant week yet.

It’s been a while since I have spent big dollars on myself. I have just started working again while my health is (touch wood) better and it’s helping in the plant collecting department a lot…$$$

First up, from, I have recieved the following.

Anthurium Pallidiflorum:
A plant I didn’t expect to get for a long time. I had bid on a few auctions, but never got far. I got this baby from Mae Thorani for just $55 and it’s really healthy. It is the whole reason for this order and I was so worried I was going to miss out while I was waiting for the extra money to become available.
I originally saw one of these and thought they looked like giant, velvety Gum Leaves. Being an Australian, collecting tropical plants, it’s inevitable that I would want to grow one and think of it as my “ode to the Bush” installation. So this baby has some growing to do.

Scindapsus Pictus, Exotica

I have to say that I have always struggled to tell the difference between the Exotica and Argyraeus. But side by side these two are so different. Now, I am dreaming of the big silver splattered leaves I keep seeing on Instagram.

Alocasia Ivory Coast

This pink stemmed Alocasia has been on my wishlist for a while now. I liked both the Ivory Coast and the Morroco  for it’s bright pink stems and it just happens that I couldnt pick just one. Im an adult, I can have both!
Something I noticed about this plant was that when I went to pot it up, it had quite a few side shoots and small bulbs getting ready to shoot. It looks like this might be more of a clumper than the alocasia that I already have. Sounds great to me.

My second order was from a private seller whom I have bought from before. They are South Australian and so it’s a similar climate and overnight post.
I have out of the blue spent near $200 on four plants. I was hoping to buy some plants from this seller in the next few weeks and had money put aside. So when she started listing on Facebook, I just happened to be there to buy.

Philodendron Gloriosum (Velvet):

This  has been my “it” plant for as long as I have been collecting. It’s just never worked out for me. But I have one now and I am so happy. It is a young plant, with the largest leaf is just a bit larger than my hand. There are signs of a new leaf already and I am hoping it will double in size (I’m an optimist, not a realist. Lol) Sadly two days after it arrived was a 42deg day and the large leaf now has a little damage. Just a few yellow spots and faded colour. In future new plants will be bought inside until they can aclimatise better and settle in. Especially soft leaved varieties, because what works for the rest on those days, clearly wasnt enough for this one. Its all a learning experience, I thought I had solved this problem. But clearly it was the wrong problem I solved. But it’s ok, plants grow back. Still it’s always your best plants it happens to.

Philodendron Mexicanum

A recent must have for me. It was via this seller that I took notice of this one and had to have it. I love the red underside of the green leaves. When I was researching the Mexicanum, a tid bit that I remember is that the red under developed to stop the small amounts of light in under jungle canopy going straight through the leaves. The red makes it bounce back and the plant has twice as much ability to soak up it’s goodness. So interesting. I will never again think of it as just for looks. I guess it’s double dipping in a good way.

Philodendron Ernnestii:

This is a sentimental one for me. Not only do I love this plant. But my horse that died in 2012 was called Ernie. So this plant will be called the same and be grown in his honour. Lucky they are both as handsome as the other. 💜

Philodendron Big Ears 69686

Well, this is a beauty. Not what I expected in a way. But I am more accustomed to the older leaves that are longer and narrow in the upper half. I think I prefer the shape of these younger leaves. Also, much like the P. Camposportoanum these young leaves feel as though they are slightly velvety. Its awesome to get a plant and be blown away so unexpectedly when you already had such high hopes.

I also was kind of on the hunt for a Philodendron Micans this week. Ive seen them online but if you ad freight, they get a bit pricey. So I asked online, if anyone had seen one locally. I got an offer of a rooted cutting for just $15 and it was in the next suburb to me. So of course I added one more plant to this weeks haul. Here it is all velvety and cute.

So there is my big start of the year purchases, for 2020 and a big second week as well. Hopefully it keeps getting better and I am able to grow, propagate, sell, trade and buy my way to a big collection this year.

I have a few cuttings ready for sale. I have also taken the first cutting from my Manjula Pothos, so that will be sold once it grows roots. Its already grown a sign of roots. Then there is my spare Philodendron Silver Cloud. It’s growing every day. The heat has been great for growth. So things are happening.

This week, I have also pledged some plants to a charity plant sale in support of the current fire emergency. I’m really happy to be in a position to help via my plants. All were cuttings I had propagated and growing to sell. Its just one of many ways to give in such a horrible time for this country.

So there is my big plant week to kick off the year and spoil myself rotten.

Thanks for reading. Happy growing. Xx