All Alocasia Amazonica "Burgandy" Black Velvet Camposportanum Colocasia Decursiva Esculenta (Wild Taro) Greenhouse Hookeri "Wave of Love" Lauterbachiana Lechleriana Morocco Narrow Pictus Argyraeus Silver Cloud Variegation Velvet Leaves Wentii White Princess

Unseen Plants Of Oct – Dec 2019

Yeah, I got a little lazy with posting on here towards the end of the year. Mostly, I didnt know if I wanted to continue with this site, start fresh on another or just scrap the whole thing. But it is a great way to track my collection and compile information as I research plants and growing them.

So I am just going to add pics of the plants that have not had their moment in this site’s limelight for anyone interested.

Alocasia (Top, L – R) Wentii, Black Velvet, Lauterbachiana and Morocco.

Philodendron (Top L -R) White Princess, Red Wings, Narrow and Camposportanum

(Top, L -R) Syngonium Green, Scindapsus Pictus, Syngonium Ambo Variagata and Homalomena Maggie

(Top L -R) Anthurium Hookeri “Wave of Love”, Assorted Dieffenbachia, Monstera Lechleriana and the Good Shelf” in the Greenhouse.

On top of that, I have also acquired the following


– Amazonica “Burgandy”


– Esculenta


– Campii/ Lynette

– Greenwings

– Silver Cloud


– Recursiva



– Zebrina