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DIY Moss Pole

I had a go at making my first Moss Pole recently. I found a spare piece of 20mm PVC pipe that was about 70cm and I figured why not?

I also figured why not share it with everyone. So here is how I made it.

I had off cuts of netting from making my cats enclosure, which I doubled over. I used sphagnum moss that I had already used for propagating and was going to waste. I wet it to make it easier to use and played it thickly (about 1-1.5cm thick) over the netting, about the width of the pole in circumference and layed the pipe over it, leaving out enough pipe to go into the pot. I went the full depth of my pot as it wasn’t big and I wanted it secure.

Then I rolled the whole thing up tight, slightly rolling it back and forth, like a rolling pin to get it firm and then secured it with cable ties about every 10cm. The hardest part was not letting the unsecured end go loose. Maybe extra hands would help. Then I used string to tie the netting together at each cell of the edges and then trimmed any excess away. I rolled the top in on itself neatly to hide the top of the pipe. And there you have it… a moss pole.

I have planted my Green Syngoniums in with it and they are going to love it. Now I need more pipe and moss to make more. I have enough netting for now.

It’s worth trying to make your own. This was just made with stuff I had lying around and basically cost nothing. To buy every plant I have a pre-made one is too much outlay that could go to buying plants. There are a lot of ways to make them yourself. The internet is full of ideas and the trick is to see what you already have and what would suit you. But the basics are all the same.

Good luck and happy planting. Xx