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Moss Pole: One month on…

It’s been a whole month since I made a Moss Pole for my Green Syngonium to get rid of all the excess Sphagnum Moss that left over from buying plants from away.

It’s amazing how much the plant has grown in such a short amount of time.

The plant has almost doubled in size in just one month.

I know that Syngoniums grow fast, but this is miles above the growth of any of my other ones.

I think a big factor in the extra growth of the plant is the Aerial Roots started to fix themselves to the pole within the first week and created a new outlet for the plant to receive water, air and nutrients.

I am just amazed by the growth of this plant. I can’t believe it’s only been a month. It feels like so much longer, but dates of posts dont lie.

Clearly this plant is benefiting from having this pole to climb.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx