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2 Weeks On: Golden Tuxtla Propagation

Its another week down in our experiment comparing propagation mediums and it is time to look at how the Philodendron Golden Tuxtla cutting are getting on.

It’s now two weeks into the experiment and I expect to see roots beginning to show. It will be interesting to see just how each method is working out.

If you would like a re-cap of Week 1’s results, click here. Now, let’s look at Week 2’s results.


Growing in Water


Growing in Sphagnum Moss


Growing in Coconut Coir


And the two Rooted Stems…

The results have been quite interesting. When I saw the minimal change in the Sphagnum Moss cutting, I did not expect much more from the one in Coconut Coir. So that new root was quite a surprise.

The tip cutting in water is coming along really well. I could probably expect it to be ready to plant in a week or two. Interestingly, the second cutting in water has done about as much as the one in moss.

Over all, the tip cutting aside, the cutting in Coir is so far the most advanced. I didn’t expect that, to be honest.

Also last week, the two Rooted Stems had just one bud each. This week we have two on each. How exciting!!! Will that mean we can expect three next week??? Lol.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by next time, the largest bud bursts and we see a shoot or two coming out of the stems. That will be really exciting.


I will post again next week to see what the third week has produced for these cuttings.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx


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