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Xanthosoma Lime Zinger: PLANT PROFILE

Got to love a bargain.

I bought the pot of Xanthosoma “Lemon Zinger”, shown below, from our local major hardware. It was in the clearance rack for just $2. I also got Frozen Planet as well for the same price.

Lucky me, I also got multiple plants in the pot. One main plant with three pups. My aim is to keep a bigger one for myself. Then the rest I will care for, get healthy and pretty, with a few leaves. Then sell them on and raise some cash for my more expensive plant wants.

Here they are above, split and ready to get growing into something not so sad looking. The colour in these is just amazing. I have not adjusted this picture at all.

The plants have unfortunately lost most of their leaves to shock and I have also discovered some mites hitching a ride. As you can see, I am trying to convince the remaining leaves to live long enough for a new on to come along. Perhaps an update will be a good idea, in a few weeks.

Xanthosoma Aurea “Lime Zinger”


Often classed as an Alocasia or Colocasia, this neon yellow beauty is very on trend at the moment.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Grown mostly for its foliage, this cultivar will often grow over 1m tall and the same in spread. The lush heart shaped leaves can grow to 50cm long

Best in part shade. Too much sun will burn the leaves, as with most of its kind, and too much shade and it will loose its lime colour and turn green.It is harder than most other Elephant Ears and is more cold resistant. However it is not frost resistant and will need to be grown undercover in the cold for near to year round foliage. It will go dormant in extreme cold but come back in the spring.Grows best in high light and warmth. Best in Humidity above 50%, but can still do well below that. It can grow in moist soils, but to avoid root rot, the soil should not hold water and be able to dry out between watering. I prefer to grow it in my Aroid mix as it allows better aeration and control over wetness.Lime Zinger is a heavy producer of pups. Propagation is easily done by dividing tubers from the mother plant. With just one plant, you will never be without developing new plants.Origin: Central AmericaLight: Bright indirect light.

Water: Water when soil dries out.

Fertiliser: Weakly, Weekly! Small amounts on a weekly basis. I use a combo of slow release fertiliser and a plant food/seaweed liquid feed at quarter strength on a weekly basis. Give extra when new leaves or flowers are developing as they are heavy feeders during this time.

Pests: Spider Mites are an issue, especially when they are in hot, dry conditions. Otherwise these are a very hardy plant.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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