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3 WEEKS ON: Golden Tuxtla Propagation… and a little drama.

Another week has gone by so fast. I have noticed the weather cooling now and I am seeing a slowing of growth in my plants. They are no longer growing like they are on steroids, just growing casually. I also see it in my propagating pieces. I do wonder if it’s effecting this experiment at all?

I have also considered if I should have put one of these cuttings in my Aroid Soil as well. The Italian Nonna that sold them to me would just snap a piece off of her monster plant and put it in some potting mix. This worked well for her. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, there were a few surprises this week and one big setback caused by me. I will get into it when I talk about that plant.

If you would like a re-cap of last weeks results, click here.

Water Propagation


Coconut Coir Propagation

Did you see what I did. 😭😭😭


Sphagnum Moss Propagation


And now the rooted stems!

and then…

These guys have grown so much in just 3 weeks.

So this week’s results are pretty good in general. There is some good growth on all but two cuttings. The Sphagnum and the normal cutting in water. What’s the deal guys?

The tip cutting is at a stage where I feel that it would adjust to a soil medium quite well. I will give it an extra week for the sake of this project though. I am really impressed by the chunky solid roots this one has grown.

Ok, let’s talk about the one growing in Coir. Yes, I snapped the one good root on that cutting. The miracle root from last week is gone because of this idiot. And I can’t get away with it because I am documenting it on here. Lol. I don’t normally break roots, but, in my defence, I do have a neurological condition that was playing up today. I should have left it alone until I felt better. When I was taking the cutting out, my movement wasnt good and snap! Not my best moment. But it could have been worse, It will grow back, but not in time to finish this experiment.

I am concerned with the Sphagnum cutting. The leaf seems to be going backwards and losing it’s colour. So I don’t think it is happy. If it gets much worse, I will remove it from the moss and put it into another medium. Not sure which one yet. Any suggestions?

The two rooted cuttings have changed a fair bit this week. Its interesting how only one shoot on each has taken off, while the other waits. I wonder if it’s a back up for in case the first is damaged? Please comment if you know.

I can see that having roots has been a big benefit to these two. It also hasn’t made a difference how I placed them. The one lying down is just as healthy as the one planted standing up.

All in all, I would say that despite my accident, there has been good progress in most of the cuttings this past week. Lets see how next week, the final week, turns out.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx


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