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4 Weeks On: Golden Tuxtla Propagation. The Final Edition

So here was are at the end of the road of this experiment. It’s been four weeks since I cut up this Philodendron Golden Tuxtla for Propagation. The results have certainly been suprising and not entirely what I predicted.

Apologizes that I am posting nearly a week late due to a family emergency. The photos were taken exactly 4 weeks after cutting the plant.

This is the final update for these cutting. I will be potting up and either selling or giving them away to make room in the over crowded greenhouse.

I will miss looking at them daily and wondering what was happening in the non transparent mediums.

Here are the fourth and final weeks results…

Water Propagation

The tip cutting has always been the winner here. Its roots are massive and healthy. I really need to get it potted up now. Clearly it’s outdone all of the others and I am sure it’s due to the extra leaves feeding it and not needed to develop a new growth point.

The other has suprisingly been a slow grower and not done much. I wonder if its due to the nights being cooler now. In the height of summer my cuttings were growing roots in days. So I am really suprised its not been as active as the tip cutting.


Such a shame!

Coconut Coir Propagation

I still cant believe I broke that root off. It would have been the “winner” of the “competition”. But at least Coir has proven its self as a great medium for propagating in. It would have been the most developed of the cuttings. Even now there are new roots developing, while the others are not doing much at all.


Sphagnum Moss Propagation

The chunk is actually doing better from being left on top of the moss. As I am posting these results later, I can say that the shoot is growing and green now.

I have grown plants in moss before and found it slow. But this has been a very disappointing cutting. Perhaps I will check back in on it sometime, but I think the Moss is not for me. In a way, I am not bothered. Its not the most sustainable product anyway.


The Rooted Cuttings

What steroids are these on???

Clearly, these guys have done well for themselves. Having established roots does give them the edge though.

I am not sure what will become of these guys, but they will look fantastic when they grow some more. ~~~

It’s been interesting to see what works for me and my growing conditions.

Sphagnum Moss is not cutting it for me. Water will still be my “go to” method but I will also do more plants in Coconut Coir. Had I not broken that root off, it would have been a clear winner.

I do aknowledge that there are a lot of variables that have inflenced the results and what worked here will not be the same for everyone. Its up to the individual to try for themselves.

Thank you for following along with this experiment. I would love to hear what works for you.

Happy growing. Xxx

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