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Propagating Shingling Aroids: Rhaphidophora Hayi – Updated!

*Updated 18/1/2021 with results for each option

I have just received some cuttings of Rhaphidophora Hayi in the mail. This is my first shingling plant and in my reading on propagating this plant, I have of course found multiple ways to propagate them.

Because I received a few cuttings, I figured I could afford to experiment a little, so I decided to do another propagation trial. So here goes…

Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss and a closes plastic container seems to be the most common way to propagate shingling plants.

Simply place the cuttings onto wet moss and close the lid. Mist with water every few days.

I am using an old fruit container with a lid, to grow mine in.

Results: Yes, Yes Yes, this is my preferred medium for propagating shinglers. I now use a seedling tray and it is the most consistent method of all 3. I found that burying the cuttings in the moss helped with encoraging growth. I do think that the humidity of the closed container was a key factor in the success of this medium. Had the cutting grown in moss in an uncovered container, I believe the results would have been different.


Every other aroid seems to propagate in water and I can’t see why this one would be any different.

I just put the base of the cutting in water and leave it to do it’s thing. The aim is to eventually put it into soil with something to shingle to.

Results: Nope, not happening. Ok, I did get a single root start to form, but it just didnt work for me.

Coconut Coir

Coir is proving to be a very handy medium for propagating in and I am putting a lot of my cuttings in it now, especially if I am not liking how they are handling being in water.

So this is my own little experiment. I will let it grow in the Coir before moving it to soil and setting it up with something to climb.

Results: While the coir didnt seem to do much, I ended up putting this cutting into some aroid mix and got results. It established itself and new growth emerged from below the surface. I would consider putting a cutting straight into soil, the second option after Moss.

Hopefully we see some interesting results.

Stay tuned

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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4 replies on “Propagating Shingling Aroids: Rhaphidophora Hayi – Updated!”

Any updates on this? I received some hayi cuttings a few months back and thought I could just attach them to a moss pole thinking it would just grow if I kept it moist. It hasn’t done did have a few small roots on it. Also I wasn’t sure which end was the bottom and which was the top. If that makes any sense. Just trying to get this thing to grow haha. Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi. Thanks for commenting. Sorry no update at this point. I’ve had a family illness and death keeping me away from my plants and the blog. So, I will just tell you what worked and didn’t. The water did not work for me. The coir has worked and is doing ok. The spag container has been the best. I’ve had new shoots and have since made a moss board and put them on that. Being winter here now, growth is slow. But they are healthy and happy.
The moss board is just timber that I stapled moss too and then tied the Hayi to. Look up Ledgends of Monstera on YouTube. He does a few great videos on how to make and grow with them.
My biggest time would be humidity is a must. They won’t grow unless the humidity is high. I try to keep my plants above 70% if I can and it seems to help.
Good luck with yours. Its such a cool plant. I will try to post something now that things are calming down. Xx


Thank you for posting. This was very helpful.

I hope all is well with your family now. Big hug from Florida. Take care!


I’ve tried different ways like yours too with my hayii, except a few differences.
Instead of moss, i use perlite. I’ve even split them more than you did. 1 leaf to a cutting and some only the stem. Now, they’re shooting baby leaves & roots.
As for the water propagation. I added a further step. I cover the whole plant and the container all under a glass jar/vase to lock the humidity in. Those aerial roots grow like crazy, shooting in all directions. Even baby hair start to grow out from them.


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