All Anthurium Aroids Atropurpureum plant profile


A beautiful birds nest Anthurium.

I picked this plant up on EBay without knowing anything about it. It’s simple and quietly textural at a small size, however, this plant will get big, really big.


South America. Southern Columbia to Brazil and Southern Bolivia. Found at low elevations (100 – 160m) on white sands and in humid, tropical forest zones.

Terrestrial or Epiphytic:

Either. Mostly an understory plant but will grow as an Epiphyte on the side of trees


Leaves can grow between 14 – 75cm


Bright indirect light.


Allow top inch of soil to dry between watering.


Likes a warm and humid climate. Temperatures between 15 and 26 deg C are best.


Around 70% is best


Grows well in a lighter, airy soil. An Aroid Mix is best. Heavier soils will hold water and make the plant prone to root rot.


Weakly, Weekly! Small amounts on a weekly basis. I use a combo of slow release fertiliser and a plant food/seaweed liquid feed at quarter strength on a weekly basis. Back off in colder months when the plant is not growing.


Through Plant Division.


Clearly named for it’s purple Inflorescense.

Sitting on a Peduncle that is 15-48cm long. The Spathe starts out green and turns purple over time. Between 2-15cm long and no more than 2.5cm wide and sitting at a 90deg angle to the Peduncle. The Spadix is deep purple, 2-4cm long and 3-8cm in diameter.

As an Infructescence, contains dark purple rounded berries. 5-6mm across. Each berry usually contains 1-2seeds.


I couldn’t find much about this topic, however, almost all pictures I have seen of this plant in the wild contains bug damage. So I am guessing it’s a popular one with all the usual culprits.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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