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Adelaide Botanic Gardens: Amazon Waterlily Pavilions.

Amazon Waterlily Pavilion

Despite the main feature of this building being the Victoria Amazonica Waterlily, this is a treat for Aroid lovers.

Built in 2007, this energy efficient greenhouse/building is the perfect environment for growing aroids. Its hot and humid to the point that I had to strip off my winter layers to stay in there for any length of time.

While I love the rest of the Gardens and its buildings. This is by far my favourite. I loved it even before I started keeping Aroids.

Please enjoy the plants of the Victoria Waterlily Pavilion.

I havent yet identified this last plant. It was labled at P. Gloriosum, but thats incorect. I have a feeling its a P. Giganteum. Feel free to correct me.

So what do you think? Is this an awesome collection of aroids or what? I think it is fantastic and I cant help but love spending time in there.

I hope that you enjoyed the final instalment of the Aroids of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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