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PEST CONTROL: When SLUGS get into your Aroids.


A slug got into the seedling tray, with all of my baby Anthurium. I could cry!

I had 5 Bakerii, 12 Gracile in there and both varieties have taken a hit.

So hot tip!!!! If the air vents are open and slugs are about, its best to check for intruders. Especially before shutting them in. I am sure this little guy thought it had hit the food Jackpot… until I found it.

I also found another in amongst my cuttings and young plants. This is an issue when you consider the time and money we put into our plants. Luckily, I have some ways of controlling the slimy little pests.

What to do!

I am applying my experience in growing organic veggies and controlling slugs in that environment, to this situation. I prefer natural solutions rather than chemical. So here is what I am doing to control slugs in my greenhouse.

My ‘Go to’ way to deal with slugs is by making a basic garlic spray and spraying around my greenhouse to deter the slugs. Adding a little cayenne pepper to the spray can also help if you feel the need for it.

Garlic Spray


  1. 2 crushed bulbs of garlic or the equivalent in pre-crushed garlic. Make sure you get as much of the juice as possible.
  2. Cover garlic with vegetable oil and let sit for a day or two.
  3. Strain out the garlic and add a few drops of dish liquid. Use a Grey water safe one, if you can.
  4. Fill a spray bottle (one that mists) with water and add a tablespoon of oil mix. Shake well.
  5. Spray the plant, each leaf top and bottom well.

*An instant way to make the spray is using the strained juice from a jar of crushed garlic and adding it to the other ingredients. It isn’t as good, as it’s not infused with the oil but in an emergency, it will do until a proper batch is made.

Focus the spray on areas where the slugs get into the greenhouse and areas they will likely strike. Slugs love hiding in amongst small pots and love the young tender foilage of seedlings and young plants, over tough older plants. Spray around the pots and seed trays, rather than the young delecate plants. Especially during periods of hot weather. The oil may damage the plant.

Or you could try a Beer Trap!

A beer trap is a good way to kill Slugs. To do this, place a shallow container of beer in a space where they are doing damage. In the garden, you should dig a hole to sit the container in to make it level with the soil. Thats not so easy in the greenhouse, but the smell of beer is irresistible to slugs and they will find it. They will then fall in and die in drunken bliss??? The main thing is they die.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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