"El Salvador" All Shingling Siltepecana



In my Plant Profile on Monstera Siltepecana ‘El Salvador’, I noted how I read about how this plant (Siltepecana’s in general) can shingle. Though, finding an example has been near impossible.

However, both my own Monstera Siltepecana and Siltepecana ‘El Salvador’ have kindly decided to grow in a near shingling fashion. While not attached to the Coir Pole, they have changed their growth habits remarkably in a shingling fashion.

As you can see with my Monstera Siltepecana pictured above. The foilage starts out growing loose at the base. Then part way up, the peteole’s shorten and the leaves begin to hug the pole.

What caused this change? I am not exactly sure. I did move house 6 months ago and there was an adjustment period, where I struggled with getting the conditions in my greenhouse right. Lower humidity maybe? I dont know. But this growth pattern started just after the move.

I did notice changes in my Monstera Siltepecana ‘El Salvador’ as well. While not as obvious, you can see in the pictures above and below that the leaves are starting to flatten and hug the pole more.

This is a pretty exciting find and I wanted to share. I would love to see more examples of Siltepecana’s shingling or like mine, trying to, but am yet to find any. I did post these pictures on my instagram and another user commented that they experienced the same shingling growth with theirs.

I just find this fascinating and I hope that with the popularity of these plants growing, we will see more examples of this.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. X

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