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Until Recently, mealy bugs were not an issue that I had encountered. A change of location for my greenhouse, now has me quite used to the little deamon critters.

When in small doses, they dont seem as extreme as some other bugs, such as spider mites. Left to breed and expand their invasion of your plants, they will create a big problem for you.

Its apparent that they like certain plants over others. In my collection, I noticed that plants with softer leaves are the obvious connection between the “Chosen Plants”. New leaves, especially those on my Philodendron Majestic and Ernestii, plus the general soft leaves of young syngonium Albo, Wendlandii and Monstera Siltepecana “El Salvador”, have all been attacked time after time. Meanwhile, other simmilar plants like my Philodendron Gloriosum, were left alone, despite sitting amoungst the attacked plants.

Personally, I dont like chemicals and with the use of predetory mites to fight Spider Mites in my greenhouse, I am not willing got use chemicals that will effect them.

I looked into buying some lacewings or predatory ladybugs to help control them. However, the company I use, did not recomend using them on a small infestation, as there would not be sufficient amounts for the predetors to feast on. They recomend instead the use of oil sprays, soap sprays and applying rubbing alcohol, with a cotton bud, for direct aplication to each bug. For a few bugs, there is also the option of just squashing them with yur fingers. I chose the alcohol option to control the mealybugs in my collection. Specifically because its more direct and will prevent my population of predetory mites being affected.

Squashing them is a good option when you come across one ot two on a leaf.

I have been succesfully using Rubbing Alcohol to kill off my mealybug population. To apply, I use a cotton bud or small paintbrush and drop some directly onto the bug. Alternatly, I have a small spray bottle that I use, especially to get into tight spots that the mealybugs love to hide in. Spots like the folds on peteoles and where the peteole meets the stem.

Conviniently, and as if by magic. the alcohol turns the bugs from silvery white to browny yellow, making it much easier to know where you have been.

Using the alcohol method, I have been able to keep a lid on this infestation and now I only find the odd bug… that I then deal with.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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5 replies on “PEST CONTROL: Mealy Bugs”

Gosh darn mealies! Little beggars get everywhere! My neighbours gave me some garden variety large elephant ear which I kept on the porch… and then discovered it had mealies! And so it transferred to everything. Sabotage neighbours! They meant well, though. I’ve since seen nearly everything they have with it all over. Kind of them to spread it along, lol. At least my indoor lot haven’t got it.


Yeah, I get you with how frustrating they are. I do with you life free of them but, wow if they are all over your neighbours place, they will keep coming back. Perhaps some stealthy night time spraying of their garden might do the trick. 😉


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