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MICANS POLE: Growing Tall.

At the end 2020, when Adelaide went into lockdown for Covid, I started a little project with the aim of growing big Philodendron Mican leaves. This requires height and I am providing this with a big Coir Pole that I can extend later on.

Ideally, the velvety leaves will grow larger as the vines climb the pole. I am basically providing a faux tree trunk for them to grow up and in nature, Micans will grow much larger leaves than we are used to seeing on out indoor micans. As to how big they will grow, time will tell. At the very least, I will have a tall pole of lush velvety heaven to love and admire.

To make this pole, I used…

100mm x 1m Pvc Pipe

A 100mm connector

Coir mat cut to size

General fishing line

See my post on how I make my poles, Here

TIPS: Because of the size of the pole, it is a little harder on the hands to keep the fishing line tight, I suggest gloves or bandaids on fingers that bare that brunt. Keep the fishing line firm on the first pass and focus on wrapping the coir on. Then work back up the pole focusing on keeping the line tight and the coir firmly in place. Do a second pass if needed.

Here is the finished product, upon planting. I have been propping a heap of extra cuttings to fill in the gaps and give me lush foilage. I have planted a few longer peices to give it a good start. Now its just a matter of growing.

As the longer strands hit the top of the pole, I will loop them over and train them down until the others catch up.

My initial goal is to fill this pole with dense foilage, before adding another. Once it is time to add more height, I will make another 1m length and then slide it into the connector.

7 months on: As you can see, a few peices have touched the top and there is more growth below. We are into winter now and I expected the plant to take a break from growing. Its slower now, but the new growth is developing still. I keep the plant in my lounge where it gets good sunlight during the day.

I have also made a second pole this size for my Monstera Dubia. Its grown so fast and I needed something that could take its larger leaves and could grow with it. Its been around 2-3 months now and its happily shingling away. I have also made 50mm of this pole for my Rhaphidophora’s Dubia, Cryptantha and Korthalsii to grow in.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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