2021 PLANT GOALS…. Its getting expensive now!

Welcome to Aroid Season 2020/21. New growth is taking off with the warmer weather here in Adelaide. I love growing in hot weather, and the daily changes to my collection that come with it.

Normally, I am gearing up to buy new plants after a winter starved of purchases, but the reality is that I didn’t stop buying over the cold months. This has not been a normal year for Aroids, in Australia. With indoor plants growing in popularity over the past few years, and COVID-19 forcing people to stay a home, the demand for plants has been huge. prices have been going through the roof and prices have tripled in some cases. This has lead to a shortage of plants and a sellers market.

Now that the new season is here, there are plants available but not the normal quantity. Prices are settling a little, But are still higher than normal. Personally, I have refused to pay the massive prices. Instead, I have looked for bargains and aroids that are not as in demand. The bargains are still there, you just need to look for them.

Going forwards, I plan to spend this season adding quality, not quantity to my collection. Plants that make my knees weak and that I never thought I would get to own.

Of course, I will still buy plants to sell on and raise money for my new plants. I am not in a position to spend a weeks salary on a plant. But my main focus will be on my wish list and adding quality aroids to my collection.

and here is my 2021 wishlist…



Radicans April 2021

Veitchii (Seedling) Sept 2021



Pinnatum, Cebu Blue Dec 2020



Karstenianum (Peru) May 2021

Pinnatipartita Feb 2021

Thai constellation



Brandtianum Jan 2021

Esmeraldense Aug 2021
Genicultum – Jet Streak
Gigas April 2021
Mamei Feb 2021

Melanochrysum (Replace) March 2021

Lupinum Nov 2020

Pastazanum (Replacement)


Silvercloud Jan 2021

Silversnake Dec 2020

Sodiroi Jan 2021

Splendid June 2021

Subhastatum March 2021

Tenue Feb 2021



Australasica Dec 2020



Erythrophyllum Jan 2021


There it is. Its not a big list like last year. But I have reached a point where new Aroids are just going to cost more.

I may add plants that take my fancy through the season and will mark them off as I acquire a plant.

Im so excited for the season ahead.

Thanks for reading, Happy growing. Xx


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