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Epipremnum Manjula v Aureum ‘Snow Queen’ HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE!

This is a common question I hear all the time. How to tell the difference between E. Manjula amd E. Snow Queen (Pearls and Jade).

Ill make it simple. They are pure opposites in colour, and the stem colour is the key!

I mean opposites because where Snow Queen’s leaves have green coming from the stem and white through the leaf, Manjula has white coming from the stem and green through out.

If the colour layout has you thinking you have either a Manjula or Snow Queen, but you’re still not sure. Look at the stem. Manjula will have a white stem while Snow Queen will have green.

While there may be streaks of white on the green Snow Queen stem, its still predominantly green.

Lastly, I should mention leaf shape. I dont really bother with this one, but if you are still not sure. Manjula has a rounded leaf shape, where Snow Queens starts rounded and then points like a spear at the end.

So thats my quick guide to telling these two apart. Its served me well and I hope it does the same for you.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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