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Cutting and Propagating My Philodendron Majestic.

On the 24th July, 2020, I finally cut my Philodendron Majestic.

I have been back and forth on my decision to cut this plant. But at the end of the day, the plant was too leggy and needed something done about it. I bought it with the intention of cutting it for propagation and, by selling a few plants come spring, I can buy more plants later.

This P. Majestic came already quite leggy and with shipping stress, I lost another leaf, soon after arrival. In the end, the plant was almost halfway up a large pole before its first leaf. This was a big factor in cutting it back and letting the plant regrow from the base.

I bought the plant in April and gave it time for the roots settle into the pot, before cutting it up. This way the established roots can feed the remaining node and it’s sure to re-shoot and grow well.

Cutting 1: is fortunate enough to have a long air root growing from it, thats grown down to the soil. It was established enough that I had to dig down into the pot to remove it. This is a bonus and is another node being fed by a root system. I am starting this one in a pot of moss.

Cuttings 2&3: Will be grown in moss, in my new propagation box. Originally, #3 was to be grown in Coconut Coir to make way for its massive leaf. However, some silly person got a bit knife happy and accidentally cut the leaf off. Big opps!With leafless stem cuttings, I prefer to grow them in a container of moss.

Cutting 4 – Tip Cutting: Will start in water and then move to Coconut Coir, once roots begin to shoot. This method has been working well for me. It has a leaf that is close to unfurling, so at least one will have a leaf for me to admire.

All up, I have 4 cuttings, including one tip cutting. Plus the base of the original plant.

Fingers crossed I have some plants to sell come spring. Most of all, I hope for my main Majestic to grow and no longer be half way up a 1m pole, before its first leaf.

I plan to play around with propagation methods and post my findings here on Velvet Leaves.

Thanks for reading and happy growing. Xx

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