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Anthurium Bakeri: PLANT PROFILE

Introducing…. The Bakeri Babes! Anthurium Bakeri I have been lucky enough to get these Bakeri babies from a new friend on Instagram. happy_hoya_lady grew these from seed and somehow we met and I became like their Fairy Instagram Godmother. Now I am caring for/mothering 5 of them and a Hoya Pottsii Kuranda that she threw […]

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Anthurium Vittariifolium

So, I have found my weakness… Velvety Strap Leaf Anthuriums. 😍🤩 This week I recieved an Anthurium Vittariifolium in the mail. It was another of my late night “oopsie” purchases. The thing is, I have been watching them sell on Ebay for up to three times the price I paid for each of my Vittariifolium […]